Mule Basketball Teams Volunteer at Local Elementary Schools

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Both Muhlenberg basketball teams returned to Jefferson Elementary School Monday afternoon to continue their beloved volunteer work with the school.
The Mules visited for over an hour with first-and fourth-graders, splitting up into teams of four or five spread over eight different classrooms. Members of the teams read "Martin's Big Words," to first graders and "March On!" to fourth graders. Both stories detailed the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.
The teams also fielded questions from the elementary schoolers before helping them create placemats to be donated to Meals on Wheels. Kids were asked to present a drawing and a kind message on their placemats that helped demonstrate togetherness and equality.
"It was fun to work with the kids and see them translate the readings into their drawings," said junior Sara Dilly of the women's basketball team. "In their drawings, they showed that they understood the reading and it was just really exciting to see them understand equality, see them smile and be happy about it."
"My favorite part was they all had their own little quotes," said junior Alex Mitton of the men's basketball team. "Reading their quotes and seeing how inspiring they are, it makes me happy to hear them be that happy about it too."
The event was done in partnership with the Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley.