Mission Statement

The purpose of the Centennial Conference is to provide for athletic competition among institutions that share similar academic aspirations and are committed to the total educational experience for students engaged in sports.

The Conference comprises independent institutions whose missions and curricula are predominantly in the tradition of liberal education. The member institutions share an educational culture that seeks to foster academic excellence. Intercollegiate athletic programs are an integral part of the life of member institutions and complement their educational objectives. Each institution provides a comprehensive, broad-based athletics program, available to all students.

The member institutions believe the benefits of athletics participation provide significant value to the educational experience. Athletics can and should promote life skills including fair play, respect, preparation, teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship. Within an atmosphere of integrity and mutual trust, the member institutions pledge their commitment to the purpose and mission of the Conference.

In the pursuit of our primary mission, Centennial Conference members commit to the following core values:

  • Students participating in intercollegiate athletics should be representative of the diverse student body as a whole, reflecting the enduring value of competition with the serious engagement of academic achievement. 
  • Participation in intercollegiate athletics should provide opportunity for diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Institutions place special importance on the impact of athletics on the participants rather than on spectators, and place greater emphasis on the internal constituency than on the general public and its entertainment needs.
  • Institutions provide their students with the resources and opportunities to excel in the classroom, as well as providing their athletes with the resources and opportunities to excel and compete on a Conference and national level.  
  • Coaches and administrators are respected as educators for their unwavering commitment to the quality of the experience for students engaged in athletics.

In the pursuit of our primary mission and in keeping with our core values, the Centennial Conference follows these operating principles:

  • The supervision and oversight of the athletics program is vested in the president of each institution. Athletic administrators are charged with the day-to-day operation of the program.
  • Intercollegiate athletic policy is guided by and reflective of the primacy of each institution's academic mission.
  • The Centennial Conference enables member institutions to maintain athletic perspective through cooperation on travel, schedules and regulatory policies.
  • The length of the playing season is designed to support the proper balance of academic and athletic opportunities, the proper allocation of resources, and student involvement in all facets of collegiate life.
  • In all sports, Centennial Conference members give primary emphasis to in-season competition.
  • The members look primarily within the Centennial Conference for standards of competitive excellence and, for most sports, measure performance in competition with each other.
  • Each member school should value a balance of competitive success within the Conference. Although schools may differ in those sports in which they excel, a reasonable competitive balance among institutions over time over all sports should be sought.


Revised 5/30/14