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Four Receive NCAA Postgraduate Scholarships

Four Centennial Conference students - Haverford's Anders Hulleberg and Harper Hubbeling, Johns Hopkins' Jenn Paulucci and Muhlenberg's Bobby Torphy - were awarded NCAA Postgraduate Scholarships for the fall of 2010.

The quartet raises the Conference's total to 66 scholarship recipients since 1994. In all, 17 Division III students received fall awards from the NCAA.

The NCAA awards up to 174 postgraduate scholarships annually, 87 for men and 87 for women. The scholarships are awarded to student-athletes who excel academically and athletically and who are at least in their final year of intercollegiate athletics competition.

The one-time grants of $7,500 each are awarded for fall sports, winter sports and spring sports. Each sports season (fall, winter and spring), there are 29 scholarships available for men and 29 scholarships available for women. The scholarships are one-time, non-renewable grants.

The NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship was created in 1964 to promote and encourage postgraduate education by rewarding the Association's most accomplished student-athletes through their participation in NCAA championship and/or emerging sports. Athletics and academic achievements, as well as campus involvement, community service, volunteer activities and demonstrated leadership, are evaluated.  An equitable approach is employed in reviewing each applicant's nomination form to provide opportunity to all student-athlete nominees to receive the postgraduate award, regardless of sport, division, gender or race.  In maintaining the highest broad-based standards in the selection process, the program aims to reward those individuals whose dedication and effort are reflective of those characteristics necessary to succeed and thrive through postgraduate study in an accredited graduate degree program.

NCAA Post-Graduate Scholarship Recipients
The Centennial Conference has had 66 students receive NCAA Postgraduate Scholarships, including four in 2010-11.

Franklin & Marshall (7)
Trish Vos, Volleyball, 1994
Jerome Maiatico, Basketball, 2000
Emily Green, Volleyball, 2002
Keith Hamilton, Track and Field, 2002
Luke Oeding, Track and Field, 2003
Dan Houseman, Football, 2003
Dana Johns, Basketball, 2006


Gettysburg (8)
Cliff Mason, Football, 2002
Julia Girman, Soccer, 2002
Steve Kareha, Wrestling, 2003
John Fairhurst, Lacrosse, 2007
Jane D'Addario, Track, 2008
Tyler Kreitz, Track, 2009
Kerrin Epstein, Cross Country, 2009
Tim Kurpis, Lacrosse, 2010


Haverford (17)
Meredith Unger, Cross Country, 1997
Ntobeko Ntusi, Track 1998
Nathan Doty, Fencing, 1999
Rich Billings, Soccer, 2000
Robin Herlands, Hockey, 2001
Matt Popowsky, Baseball, 2001
J.B. Haglund, Cross Country, 2001
Robin Herlands, Field Hockey, 2001
Scott Sargrad, Track, 2004
Eddie Papalia, Track, 2005
Grant Scott, Cross Country, 2005
Laura Chaddock, Tennis, 2006
Emily Hinchcliff, Volleyball, 2007
Alex Buxbaum, Tennis, 2009
Andrew Lanham, Cross Country, 2010
Harper Hubbeling, Cross Country, 2010
Anders Hulleberg, Cross Country, 2010


Johns Hopkins (17)
Tom Baugher, Football, 1992
Stu Markley, Football, 1993
Michael House, Football, 1994
Amy Dodrill, Basketball, 1995
Ann Girvin, Swimming, 1996
Brian Ronson, Swimming, 1996
Matt Gorman, Basketball, 1997
Angie Arnold, Basketball, 1998
Greg Roehrig, Basketball, 1998
John Saxe, Tennis, 1998
Larry Gulotta, Football, 1998
John Christ, Baseball, 1999
John Del Monaco, Soccer, 2000
David Lofthus, Swimming, 2003
Brian Nickel, Football, 2006
John Kegelman, Swimming, 2009
Jenn Paulucci, Soccer, 2010


McDaniel (4)
Tom Lapato, Football, 1998
Brett Sweeney, Lacrosse, 2001
Jill Krebs, Cross Country, 2001
Jason Wingeart, Football, 2001


Muhlenberg (7)
Michael Hoffman, Football, 1990
David Vassilaros, Soccer, 2002
Jason Finkelstein, Track, 2006
Amy Schmidt, Tennis, 2006
Matt Loesch, Wrestling, 2007
Nicole Washburn, Softball, 2007
Bobby Torphy, Cross Country, 2010


Ursinus (2)
Ellen Cosgrove, Basketball, 1995
Nicole Kiwak, Softball, 1996


Washington (4)
Toby Wilmet, Hockey, 2001
Peter Taylor, Tennis, 2004
Tim Kerr, Lacrosse, 2006
Jimmy Kielek, Lacrosse, 2009