2015 Women's Lacrosse Opening Draw


QUESTION 1 - How is the 2015 season going so far? (Coaches)

QUESTION 2 - Who are your key returners? (Coaches)

QUESTION 3 - Who are your key newcomers? (Coaches)

QUESTION 4 - How do you see the Conference shaping up in 2015? (Coaches)

QUESTION 5 - Anything else you'd like to add about your team or the upcoming season? (Coaches)

QUESTION 6 - Do you have a pregame ritual or superstition? (Players and Coaches)

QUESTION 7 - Toughest road game? (Players and Coaches)

QUESTION 8 - What do you like most about playing lacrosse in the Centennial Conference? (Players)

QUESTION 9 - Who's your favorite athlete? (Players)

QUESTION 10 - What mannerism/saying does your coach always say/do? (Players)

QUESTION 11 - Besides your team who do you think will win the Conference in 2015? (Players)