2016 Centennial Women's Lacrosse Preview

2016 Centennial Women's Lacrosse Preview

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Claire Johnson, Bryn Mawr

Bryn Mawr (4-13 overall, 0-9 Centennial, 10th place)
Head Coach: Katie Tarr (Swarthmore '02), 13th season, 52-147 (.261)
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2015 Statistics
All-Time Record: 182-429-8 (.300) since 1960
Preseason Poll Projection: 10th
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (0) 

Key Returnees: Katie Alpert, Jr, GK, HM All-CC, 47.3 sv%, 13.97 GAA; Claire Johnson, Sr, M, 32-1-33, 48 DC, 15 CT;
Fiona Steele, Soph, M, 26-6-32, 53 DC, 14 CT; Alison Spain, Jr, A, 13-7-20; Georgina Dominique, Sr, M, 14-0-14;
Diana Kelley, Jr, D, 2-2-4, 11 CT.
Key Losses: Tanya Hamid, D, 15 CT; Ashley Arbuckle, A, 6-1-7; Mikah Farbo, D.

Outlook: The Owls look to break a 136-game Conference losing streak behind the return of middies Johnson, Steele
and Dominique, who combined for 72 goals a year ago. Spain is the top attacker, while Alpert is an All-Conference
goalkeeper. Bryn Mawr went 4-4 in non-conference matches in 2015 and hopes to turn around its Centennial fortunes in 2016.

Moira Mahoney, Dickinson

Dickinson (8-7 overall, 4-5 Centennial, T-6th place)
Head Coach: Kim Lowry (McDaniel '05), 3rd season (17-15, .531)
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2015 Statistics
All-Time Record: 208-294-3 (.415)
Preseason Poll Projection: T-4th
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (6): 2005-06-07-08-09-10 

Key Returnees: Moira Mahoney, Sr, D, 1st team All-CC; Maddy Seibold, Jr, M, 2nd team All-CC, 28-6-34, 30 DC, 21 CT;
Tara Cuddihy, Jr, GK, HM All-CC, 52.1 sv%, 7.74 GAA; Jennifer Morrissey, Sr, A, 20-7-27; Sophie Waine, Jr, M, 14-3-17;
Caroline Clancy, Sr, M, 12-2-14.
Key Losses: Carly O'Brien, A, 2nd team All-CC, 27-16-43; Elizabeth Sitko, 18-5-23; Kelly Haglund, 10-3-13.
Top Newcomers: Anne Dunster, M (Greenwich HS, Conn.), Sam Marmo, A (Immaculate Heart Academy, N.J.)

Outlook: The Red Devils have just missed out on the Centennial playoffs in each of the last two years and look to
get back to the tournament for the first time since 2010. The defense will be Dickinson's strong suit, as Mahoney
anchors the group in front of Cuddihy - both of whom earned All-CC honors. Morrissey is the headliner on attack,
while a talented group of middies is led by Seibold. Look for the Red Devils to be knocking on the playoff door come May.

Vanessa Budd, Franklin & Marshall

Franklin & Marshall (20-3 overall, 8-1 Centennial, T-1st place, defeated Gettysburg, 8-6, in CC final;
lost to Trinity, 11-6, in NCAA semifinal)
Head Coach: Mike Faith (Salisbury '00), 4th season at F&M 53-14 (.791), 12th overall
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2015 Statistics
All-Time Record: 457-178-3 (.719) since 1977
Preseason Poll Projection: 1st
NCAA Titles (2): 2007-09
Centennial Titles (6): 2007-08-09-10-11-15
Playoff Appearances (14): 2001-02-03-04-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-13-14-15 

Key Returnees: Vanessa Budd, Jr, D, 1st team All-CC, 1st team All-America, 20 CT; Grace Saliba, Sr, A, 1st team All-CC, 2nd team All-America, 35-43-78;
Samantha Blicht, Sr, D, 1st team All-CC, 2nd team All-America, 29 CT; Paige Moriarty, Soph, A, 2nd team All-CC, CC Rookie of the Year, 41-46-87, 14 CT;
Anastasia Mergner, Sr, M, 2nd team All-CC, 10-13-23, 77 DC, 16 CT; Sarah Bozzo, Jr, D, 2nd team All-CC;
Gabby Frank, Jr, A, HM All-CC, 53-19-72; Natalie Delinsky, Jr, 13-13-26; Danielle Harrington, Soph, GK, 43.5 sv%, 7.94 GAA
Key Losses: Megan Kelly, M, 2nd team All-CC, 16-12-28, 38 DC, 16 CT; Brittany Jorgenson, A, 61-16-77;
Emily Everdell, A, 30-2-32; Casey Madden, M, 14-9-23; Kimberly Abruzzo, A, 15-7-22.
Top Newcomers: Madison Valerio, A (Great Valley HS, Pa.); Caroline Kolva, M (Lancaster Country Day, Pa.); Maddie Hughes, M (Ursuline Academy, Del.)

Outlook: The Diplomats won their first Centennial title since 2011 a year ago and reached the NCAA semifinals.
What can F&M do for an encore? The defense is rock solid with the return of Budd, Blicht and Bozzo in front of Harrington.
Saliba, Moriarty and Frank combined for 129 goals last spring, while Mergner is an All-CC midfielder and one of the top draw
controls players in the Conference. The Diplomats are the favorite to repeat as Conference champs and a run back to the
NCAA Final Four could be in the cards.

Emily Tropsa, Gettysburg

Gettysburg (16-4 overall, 8-1 Centennial, T-1st place, lost to F&M, 8-6, in Centennial final;
lost to York, 8-7, in NCAA Sweet 16)
Head Coach: Carol Cantele (Gettysburg '83), 24th season, 339-100 (.772)
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2015 Statistics
All-Time Record: 459-192-7 (.703) since 1971
Preseason Poll Projection: 2nd
NCAA Titles (1): 2011
Centennial Titles (9): 2000-02-03-04-05-06-12-13-14
Playoff Appearances (15): 2001-02-03-04-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-12-13-14-15

Key Returnees: Maggie Connolly, Sr, A, HM All-CC, 31-10-41, 66 DC; Emily Tropsa, Sr, M, HM All-CC, 17 CT;
Shannon Keeler, Jr, GK, HM All-CC, 44.3 sv%, 7.23 GAA; Katie Landry, Soph, A, 38-23-61; Abby Baigelman, Sr, A, 28-13-41;
Amanda Borucki, Sr, A, 22-10-32.
Key Losses: Mandy Buell, A, 1st team All-CC, CC Offensive Player of Year, 1st team All-America, 74-21-95, 37 DC;
Bridget Kenny, A, 1st team All-CC, 2nd team All-America, 54-19-73, 82 DC; Chelsea Reed, D, 2nd team All-CC, 13 CT; Kate Higgins, D, 21 CT.
Top Newcomers: Emma Hill, A (Agnes Irwin School, Pa.) 

Outlook: The Bullets' run of Centennial titles ended at three straight last spring, so there is so unfinished
business at the Battlefield. Connolly, Landry and Baigelman combined for 97 goals a year ago and appear
to be ready to take over the mantle of talented Gettysburg attackers. Tropsa is a veteran defensive middie,
while Keeler is a two-year starter in the cage. Gettysburg is one of the premier teams in the Conference
and the region and it would be an upset for the Bullets not to be back in the Centennial final.

Molly Lausten, Haverford

Haverford (11-8 overall, 5-4 Centennial, T-4th place, lost to Gettysburg, 20-8, in Centennial semifinal)
Head Coach: Lauren Wray (Duke '04), 5th season, 38-31 (.551)
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2015 Statistics
All-Time Record: 276-254-1 (.521) since 1981
Preseason Poll Projection: T-4th
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (4): 2010-11-13-15

Key Returnees: Megan Chenworth, Sr, GK, 2nd team All-CC, CC Scholar-Athlete of the Year, 39.1 sv%, 10.45 GAA;
Sarina Manetta, Jr, M, HM All-CC, 21-3-24, 23 DC, 25 CT; Molly Lausten, Soph, M, 42-9-51, 20 DC, 14 CT;
Elyse Adler, Sr, A, 15-14-29; Christina Gould, Sr, M, 12-16-28, 22 DC; Maura Grant, Jr, M, 13-5-18.
Key Losses: Diana Perry, M, 1st team All-CC, 53-1-54, 43 DC, 25 CT; Brianna Robbins, D, 2nd team All-CC;
Nicole Sockett, D; Dayna Kim, 10-7-17; Hannah Morgan, 16-0-16; Amanda Fleming, D, 12 CT.
Top Newcomer: Sarah Svetec, M (Manheim Township HS, Pa.); Allie Gibbons, A (Garrison Forest, Md.)

Outlook: The Fords reached the Centennial semifinals a year ago before being ousted by
Gettysburg. Haverford returns a trio of talented middies, led by Manetta who earned HM All-CC
honors. Lausten was second on the squad in goals, while Gould had double figures in goals and
assists. Adler is the top returnee on attack, while Chenworth is the leader of the defense. Who steps
up on close defense will figure prominently into the Fords' playoff chances this spring.

Maggie Quinn, McDaniel

McDaniel (10-8 overall, 4-5 Centennial, T-6th place)
Head Coach: Kristin Ramey (McDaniel '05), 3rd season, 21-17 (.553); 5th overall
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2015 Statistics
All-Time Record: 310-230-6 (.573) since 1973
Preseason Poll Projection: 8th
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (7): 2004-05-07-08-09-13-14 

Key Returnees: Samantha Barbeito, Sr, A, 33-31-64; Maggie Quinn, Sr, M, HM All-CC, 36-13-49, 76 DC, 22 CT;
Emily Brownawell, Soph, A, 21-14-35; Abby Phillips, Jr, M, 20-2-22; Olivia Geiger, Soph, M, 9-4-13, 38 DC.
Key Losses: Danielle Entrot, A, 1st team All-CC, 53-30-83, 57 DC; Julia Jacobs, A, 36-5-41;
Bridget Bopst, M, 18-15-33; Kate Dudley, D; Lily Galzerano, GK, 48.2 sv%, 12.22 GAA.
Top Newcomer: Megan Quattrone, M (Carlisle HS, Pa.) 

Outlook: The Green Terror just missed out on a trip to the Centennial tournament and the pieces are back to make
another playoff push in May. Quinn, Phillips and Geiger make a potent trio at midfield, combining for 65 goals and
controlling over 110 draws. Barbeito is the headliner on attack, while Brownawell was a pleasant surprise as a rookie.
The defense needs to find some new faces and a goalkeeper needs to step up and take the job. How quickly that occurs
could determine the Terror's fate in 2016.

Casey Armstrong, Muhlenberg

Muhlenberg (9-7 overall, 5-4 Centennial, T-4th place, lost to Haverford, 15-12, in Centennial first round)
Head Coach: Kristen Stuckel (Gettysburg '95), 16th season, 119-121 (.496)
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2015 Statistics
All-Time Record: 177-261 (.404) since 1984
Preseason Poll Projection: 7th
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (4): 2008-09-14-15

Key Returnees: Casey Armstrong, Sr, A, 2nd team All-CC, 40-28-68, 24 DC; Kelsey Nagle, Jr, A, 18-41-59;
Allison Murnick, Jr, D; Amanda Orlak, Sr, D, 21 CT; Nora Fisher, Jr, M, 12-9-21; Stephanie D'Ascoll, Jr, A, 14-3-17;
Jordy Bonvini, Soph, M/A, 9-6-15, 22 DC; Arielle Sherman, Sr, D; Sara Allison, Jr, GK, 46.4 sv%, 10.08 GAA;
Kiersten Mulvey, Sr, GK.
Key Losses: Stephanie Umbach, M, 1st team All-CC, 86-24-110, 112 DC, 22 CT; Kayleigh Thies, A, 32-8-40;
Christina Vittorio, D. 
Top Newcomer: Emily Tedesco (Friends Central School, Pa.) 

Outlook: The Mules begin the post-Umbach era looking for a return trip to the Centennial playoffs.
Armstrong and Nagle are a talented 1-2 combo on attack, combining for 58-69-127 last spring. Fisher
is the headliner at midfield, while Orlak, Sherman and Murnick are veteran defenders. Allison and Mulvey
will battle for the starting keeper job. Muhlenberg cannot be counted out when looking for Centennial
playoff teams this season.

Katherine Restrepo, Swarthmore

Swarthmore (7-9 overall, 2-7 Centennial, T-8th place)
Head Coach: Karen Borbee (Delaware '84), 23rd season, 215-165 (.566)
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2015 Statistics
All-Time Record: 431-351-12 (.550) since 1945
Preseason Poll Projection: 9th
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (2): 2006-12 

Key Returnees: Tazmin Bailiff-Curtis, Sr, D, HM All-CC, 9 CT; Kathryn Restrepo, Soph, A, 28-7-35;
Lizzie Kolln, Sr, A, 26-10-36; Briana Narzikul, Jr, M, 15-5-20, 23 DC; Elizabeth Upton, Sr, M, 8-6-14;
Connie Bowen, Sr, GK, 42.1 sv%, 12.69 GAA. 
Key Losses: Elyse Tierney, A, 2nd team All-CC, 49-5-54, 56 DC, 15 CT; Sara Lentricchia, A, 29-15-44, 31 DC;
Elizabeth Bachman, 13-8-21; Antonia Violante, D.
Top Newcomers: Elizabeth Wainwright, A (St. Andrew's School, Del.), Tess Wild, A (Archbishop Wood HS, Pa.)

Outlook: The Garnet struggled in Conference play in 2015 but hope that the lessons learned last spring can translate into success in 2016. Restrepo had a strong freshman campaign and teams with Kolln for a potent 1-2 on attack. Narzikul and Upton are the headliners at midfield, while Bailiff-Curtis leads the defense in front of Bowen. The Garnet may not have enough to make a final four run, but could qualify for the playoffs with a few breaks.

Lisa Grous, Ursinus

Ursinus (4-13 overall, 2-7 Centennial, T-8th place)
Head Coach: Katie Hagan (Gettysburg '07), 5th season, 25-41 (.379)
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2015 Statistics
All-Time Record: 548-228-12 (.703)
Preseason Poll Projection: 6th
NCAA Titles (3): 1986-89-90
Centennial Titles (3): 1996-99-2001
Playoff Appearances (9): 2001-02-03-04-06-07-10-11-12

Key Returnees: Margaret Philbin, Sr, GK, 1st team All-CC, 54.3 sv%, 8.57 GAA; Lisa Grous, Jr, D, 2nd team All-CC, 46 DC, 14 CT;
Franny Liberatoscioli, Soph, D/M, 6-1-7, 10 CT; Amy Kohout, Jr, M, 21-8-29; Brynn Deitzel, Sr, M, 15-4-19;
Mary Deliberti, Sr, M, 15-2-17, 32 DC, 16 CT; Taylor DeBernardi, Soph, A, 11-3-14.
Key Losses: Kitty Dawson, M, 1st team All-CC, 29-9-38; Emma Ebert, A, 22-14-36; Julia Fleming, 11-2-13, 35 DC.
Top Newcomers: Bridget Sherry, D (Strath Haven HS, Pa.), Abby Goldstein, A (Lower Merion HS, Pa.)

Outlook: The Bears have missed the Conference playoffs the past four seasons but could qualify for the top five this spring. Philbin is the backbone of the defense and Grous is a veteran presence in front of the cage. Kohout, Deitzel and Deliberti are the mainstays in the midfield, while DeBernardi is counted on for bigger things on attack in 2016. Could this be the year that Ursinus breaks through and returns to the Conference tournament?

Alli Dudley, Washington College

Washington College (11-5 overall, 7-2 Centennial, 3rd place, lost to F&M, 15-8, in CC semifinal)
Head Coach: Heidi Pearce Yetman (Johns Hopkins '04), 3rd season, 22-10 (.688)
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2015 Statistics
All-Time Record: 240-255 (.485) since 1982
Preseason Poll Projection: 3rd
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (8): 2001-02-03-11-12-13-14-15 

Key Returnees: Alli Dudley, Jr, A, 2nd team All-CC, 18-37-55, 32 DC, 12 CT; Carley Kendall, Sr, A, 24-4-28, 23 DC;
Katherine Vincent, Jr, A, 19-5-24; Autumn Spence, Soph, D/M; Anna Inserra, Jr, D; Haylee Solomon, Jr, GK, 49.0 sv%, 8.14 GAA.
Key Losses: Emily Hubley, M, 1st team All-CC, 48-10-58, 43 DC, 26 CT; Liz Godorov, D, 1st team All-CC, 9-1-10, 31 DC, 14 CT;
Caroline Lovett, A, 32-21-53; Catherine Stanley, A, 15-11-26; Daniela Falcone, D, 4-1-5, 18 CT.
Top Newcomers: Caitlin Donovan, M (Friends School, Md.); Alison Pantazes, A/M (Middletown HS, Del.);
Emily Pantazes, M (Middletown, HS, Del.); Madison Shutz, D (John Carroll School, Md.)

Outlook: The Shorewomen will need to do some rebuilding after graduating 97-42-139 on offense and a
first-team All-CC defender as well. Dudley is the leader on attack and combined with Kendall and Vincent
for 61-46-107 a year ago. Solomon returns in the cage, but youngsters need to step up in the midfield and
on defense. If the newcomers mesh well with the veterans, another playoff run could be in Washington College's future.