2017 Centennial Women's Lacrosse Preview

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Erica Dwyer, Bryn Mawr

Bryn Mawr (6-10 overall, 0-9 Centennial, 10th place)
Head Coach: Kelly Barnes (Georgetown '12), 1st season
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2016 Statistics
All-Time Record: 188-439-8 (.299) since 1960
Preseason Poll Projection: 10th
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (0) 

Key Returnees: Erica Dwyer, So, A, 29-12-41; Katie Alpert, Sr, GK, 11.81 GAA, 49.1 SV%; Nora Broderick, Jr, A; Kendall Derber, So, D; Diana Kelley, Sr, D.
Key Losses: Georgina Dominique, M, 9-1-0.
Top Newcomers: Marilyn Harbert, D, Atlanta, Ga./Druid Hills; Colleen McGrath, A, Staten Island, N.Y./Staten Island Academy; Sarah Gu, D, Audobon, Pa./Germantown Academy. 

Outlook: A new era begins for the Owls as Kelly Barnes takes over for longtime coach Katie Tarr. Sophomore attacker Dwyer returns after an impressive rookie season to lead the offesnive efforts for Bryn Mawr. Alpert returns to tend goal, with Derber and Kelley on the defensive line. While Barnes hopes to lead Bryn Mawr to a higher finish in the standings this season, it may be another year or two until she has postseason success at Bryn Mawr.

Maddy Siebold, Dickinson

Dickinson (10-8 overall, 5-4 Centennial, 5th place, lost to F&M in semifinal, 6-13)
Head Coach: Kim Lowry (McDaniel '05), 4th season (27-23, .540)
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2016 Statistics
All-Time Record: 218-304-3 (.418)
Preseason Poll Projection: 4th
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (7): 2005-06-07-08-09-10-16

Key Returnees: Maddy Siebold, Sr, M, 38-16-54, 102 DC, 1st Team All-CC; Tara Cuddihy, Sr, GK, 9.5 GAA, 47.0 SV%, 1st Team All-CC; Anne Dunster, So, M, 30-21-51; Sam Marmo, So, A, 29-8-37; Molli Haimerl, Sr, D.
Key Losses: Moira Mahoney, D, 44 DC, 42 GB, 1st Team All-CC; Caroline Clancy, 22-17-39; Jennifer Morrissey, 29-12-41; Colleen Zulty, D.
Top Newcomers: Sarah Benziger, M/D; Ashley Conner, M; Mindy Corney, D.

Outlook: Dickinson appeared in the postseason last year for the first time since 2010 and are well positioned to return to the playoffs this spring. Seniors Siebold and Cuddihy each earned 1st team All-CC honors last year and will lead the offensive and defensive efforts, respectively. Reider and Haimeri will join Cuddihy on the defense, while Dunster and Marmo will help out offensively. The Red Devils should find themselves in the playoff hunt again in 2017.

Paige Moriarty, Franklin & Marshall

Franklin & Marshall (21-3 overall, 9-0 Centennial, lost to Gettysburg, 5-6, in CC final;
lost to Trinity, 6-2, in NCAA semifinal)
Head Coach: Mike Faith (Salisbury '00), 5th season at F&M 74-17 (.813), 12th overall
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2016 Statistics
All-Time Record: 478-181-3 (.725) since 1977
Preseason Poll Projection: 1st
NCAA Titles (2): 2007-09
Centennial Titles (6): 2007-08-09-10-11-15
Playoff Appearances (15): 2001-02-03-04-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-13-14-15-16

Key Returnees: Paige Moriarty, Jr, A, 78-30-108, 1st Team All-CC; Vanessa Budd, Sr, D, 1st Team All-CC; Sarah Bozzo, Sr, D, 2nd Team All-CC; Danielle Harrington, Jr, GK, HM All-CC; Gabby Frank, Sr, A, 43-29-72; Katie Groenke, Jr, M, 16-6-22; Maddie Hughes, So, M, 17-11-28; Natalie Delinsky, Sr, A, 18-12-30;
Key Losses: Grace Saliba, A, 55-47-102, 1st Team All-CC; Anastasia Mergner, M, 33-13-46, 75 DC, 1st Team All-CC; Samantha Blicht, D, 1st Team All-CC; Stephanie Speese, D; Caroline Doran, D.
Top Newcomers: Melissa Judge, M, Queenstown, Md./Kent Island; Julia Nelson, GK, New Providence, N.J./New Providence; Maggie Hanzche, D, Berwyn, Pa./Conestoga.

Outlook: The 2016 Diplomats fell just short of back-to-back titles last year but are well positioned to make another run at the title in 2017. The CC leading goal and point scorer from last season, Moriarty, will lead the offensive efforts for F&M. Budd and Bozzo will control the defense in front of Harrington in goal. F&M has been one of the top teams in the league and this year should prove no different. 

Katie Landry, Gettysburg

Gettysburg (18-3 overall, 8-1 Centennial, defeated F&M, 6-5, in Centennial final;
lost to Middlebury, 13-9, in NCAA quarterfinals)
Head Coach: Carol Cantele (Gettysburg '83), 25th season, 357-103 (.776)
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2016 Statistics
All-Time Record: 477-195-7 (.709) since 1971
Preseason Poll Projection: 2nd
NCAA Titles (1): 2011
Centennial Titles (10): 2000-02-03-04-05-06-12-13-14-16
Playoff Appearances (16): 2001-02-03-04-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-12-13-14-15-16

Key Returnees: Katie Landry, Jr, A, 35-18-53, 1st Team All-CC; Shannon Keeler, Sr, GK, 6.26 GAA, 50.7 SV%, 2nd Team All-CC; Emma Christie, A, 26-3-29; Katie Willis, Jr, A, 18-6-24; Macauley Mikes, Sr, D; Brooke Holecheck, So, D; Caroline Jaeger, Sr, M, 5-20-25.
Key Losses: Emily Tropsa, M, 20-0-20, 1st Team All-CC; Abby Baigelman, A, 35-15-50, 2nd Team All-CC; Maggie Connolly, A, 29-27-56, 68 DC, 2nd Team All-CC; Christina Wright, D, 2nd Team All-CC; Amanda Borucki, A, 41-12-53, HM All-CC.
Top Newcomers: Courtney Patterson, M, Whitehouse Station, N.J./Hunterdon Central Regional; Claire Macatee, D, Street, Md./North Harford; Casey Cole, GK, Ridgewood, N.J./Ridgewood.

Outlook: Can Gettysburg make it back-to-back titles in 2017? The Bullets graduated several key point scorers from last season; however, Landry returns for her junior year to charge the offensive efforts. Keeler is one of the best goalies in the league and will be joined by Mikes and Holecheck on defense. Gettysburg has the most experience in the postseason with 16-straight appearances - this spring should be no different. 

Sarina Manetta, Haverford

Haverford (10-7 overall, 6-3 Centennial, 4th place, lost to Dickinson, 6-11, in Centennial first-round game)
Head Coach: Lauren Wray (Duke '04), 6th season, 48-38 (.558)
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2016 Statistics
All-Time Record: 292-262-1 (.527) since 1981
Preseason Poll Projection: 5th
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (5): 2010-11-13-15-16

Key Returnees: Sarina Manetta, Sr, M, 23-11-34, 1st Team All-CC; Madison Jones, Jr, D, 2nd Team All-CC; Molly Lausten, Jr, M, 31-7-38; Allie Gibbons, So, A, 18-9-27; Claire Cote, Sr, D; Grayton Downing, Jr, M; Noelle Smith, Jr, D.
Key Losses: Christina Gould, A, 14-31-45, 2nd Team All-CC; Elyse Adler, A, 31-4-35; Megan Chenworth, GK, 10.31 GAA, 44.7 SV%; Isabella Bertagna, M.
Top Newcomer: Eliza Brogsol, M, Scarsdale, N.Y./Scarsdale; Emily Krupnick, D, Mountain Lakes, N.J./Mountain Lakes; Julia Manetta, A, Commack, N.Y./Commack.

Outlook: The Fords have made a postseason appearance the past two-years and plan to make it three-straight in 2017. Manetta, Lausten and Gibbons will be looked to on the offensive side of the ball, while Cote, Downing and Smith will control the defense. Haverford will need to find a replacement in goal but are well positioned to compete in the playoffs this spring.

Emily Brownawell, McDaniel

McDaniel (5-11 overall, 2-7 Centennial, 8th place)
Head Coach: Kristin Ramey (McDaniel '05), 4th season, 26-28 (.481); 5th overall
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2015 Statistics
All-Time Record: 315-241-6 (.566) since 1973
Preseason Poll Projection: 8th
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (7): 2004-05-07-08-09-13-14 

Key Returnees: Emily Brownawall, Jr, A, 22-8-30; Allison Farrell, Sr, M, 11-10-21; Olivia Geiger, Jr, M, 14-2-16; Morgan Collinson, So, D; Annemarie Duerr, So, M, 8-3-11.
Key Losses
: Maggie Quinn, M, 27-14-41, 2nd Team All-CC; Samantha Barbeito, A, 31-9-40; Bethany Ray, D.
Top Newcomers
: Tori Arcilesi, M, Bel Air, Md./Harford Tech; Alyssa Swartz, M, Dillsburg, Pa./Northern; Paige Meszaros, A, Hamilton Square, N.J./Steinert; Kelly Novack, D, Millington, N.J./Watchung Hills.

Outlook: The Green Terror will need to do some rebuilding this year after graduating two of their top point and goal scorers from a season ago. Brownawall, Farrell and Geiger return to lead the attack for the Green Terror, while Collinson will take charge on the defense. McDaniel is always a tough competitor and 2017 should prove no different.

Jordy Bonvini, Muhlenberg

Muhlenberg (13-5 overall, 4-5 Centennial, 6th)
Head Coach: Kristen Stuckel (Gettysburg '95), 17th season, 132-126 (.512)
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2016 Statistics
All-Time Record: 190-266 (.417) since 1984
Preseason Poll Projection: 6th
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (4): 2008-09-14-15

Key Returnees: Jordy Bonvini, Jr, A, 40-18-58, 2nd Team All-CC; Caroline Dolan, So, D, 2-1-3, HM All-CC; Kelsey Nagle, Sr, A, 31-40-71; Stephanie D'Ascoli, Sr, A, 36-18-54; Nora Fisher, Sr, M, 26-6-32; Eliza Clark, Jr, M, 15-6-21; Sara Allison, GK, 9.39 GAA, 46.0 SV%; Allison Murnick, Sr, D; Amanda Tullo, So, M, 22-8-30.
Key Losses: Casey Armstrong, A, 52-18-70, 2nd Team All-CC; Rachel Pedersen, D, 1-0-1; Amanda Orlak, D, 1-1-2.
Top Newcomer: Victoria Friedel, D, Manorville, N.J./Eastport South Manor;Emma Charron, M, Canton, Conn./Canton; Gabriella Crivelli, D, Titusville, N.J./Hopewell Valley Central.

Outlook: Muhlenberg, the 2016 ECAC Champions, fell just short of the Centennial playoffs last season but will look to return in 2017. Bonvini, Nagle and D'Ascoli will charge the offense, while Dolan and Murnick return on defense. Fisher, Clark and Tullo are also returning from last season and will control the middle for the Mules. With so many key players returning from last year, Muhlenberg should be well positioned to make a playoff run this spring.

Tess Wild, Swarthmore

Swarthmore (5-11 overall, 1-8 Centennial, 9th place)
Head Coach: Karen Borbee (Delaware '84), 24th season, 220-176 (.556)
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2016 Statistics
All-Time Record: 436-362-12 (.546) since 1945
Preseason Poll Projection: 9th
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (2): 2006-12 

Key Returnees: Briana Narzikul, Sr, M, 26-4-30, 2nd Team All-CC; Tess Wild, So, A, 16-9-25; Elizabeth Wainwright, So, A, 16-5-21; Emily Sokol, Jr, M, 7-9-16; Christina Labows, Jr, D.
Key Losses: Tazmin Bailiff-Curtis, D, 0-1-1, HM All-CC; Lizzie Kolln, A, 32-30-62; Connie Bowen, GK, 10.74 GAA, 44.6 SV%; Nathalie Perry-Freer, M, 1-0-1;
Top Newcomers: Betsy Cohen, GK, Syosset, N.Y./Syosset; Lily Fornof, GK, McMurray, Pa./Peter's Township.

Outlook: The Garnet have not been to the CC postseason since 2012 but hope to change that this spring. Swarthmore returns several key offensive players from last season, including Narzikul, Wild and Wainwright. Labows is the lone defensive returner, so the Garnet will need some new players to step in right away, including finding a goalkeeper.

Lisa Grous, Ursinus

Ursinus (8-8 overall, 4-5 Centennial, 7th place)
Head Coach: Katie Hagan (Gettysburg '07), 6th season, 33-49 (.402)
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2016 Statistics
All-Time Record: 556-236-12 (.720)
Preseason Poll Projection: 7th
NCAA Titles (3): 1986-89-90
Centennial Titles (3): 1996-99-2001
Playoff Appearances (9): 2001-02-03-04-06-07-10-11-12

Key Returnees: Lisa Grous, Sr, D, 1st Team All-CC; Bridget Sherry, So, M, 13-8-21, 2nd Team All-CC; Kaci McNeave, So, M, 25-4-29; Abby Goldstein, So, A, 16-5-21; Courtney Cortese, So, M, 19-1-20; Franny Liberatoscioli, Jr, M, 17-1-18; Taylor DeBernardi, Jr, A, 13-2-15; Lindsey Grabell, Sr, M, 6-8-14.
Key Losses: Devin Brakel, A, 22-9-31; Brynn Dietzel, M, 1-1-2; Margaret Philbin, GK, 10.15 GAA, 46.5 SV%.
Top Newcomers: Julia Gilpin, D, Berkeley Heights, N.J./Governor Livingston; Haley O'Malley, A, King of Prussia, Pa./Upper Merion.

Outlook: Ursinus has not made a playoff appearance since 2012 but have a wealth of experience returning to change that in 2017. Grous is one of the best defenders in the CC and will lead the defense, while Sherry will control the middle. The one position up-for-grabs is the goalkeeper. If the Bears can figure out a way to put the ball in the net more this spring they will be in the playoff hunt. 

Katherine Vincent, Washington College

Washington College (11-7 overall, 6-3 Centennial, 3rd place, lost to Gettysburg, 4-10, in CC semifinal)
Head Coach: Heidi Yetman (Johns Hopkins '04), 4th season, 33-17 (.660)
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2016 Statistics
All-Time Record: 251-262 (.489) since 1982
Preseason Poll Projection: 3rd
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (9): 2001-02-03-11-12-13-14-15-16

Key Returnees: Katherine Vincent, Sr, A, 48-25-73, 1st Team All-CC; Anna Inserra, Sr, D, 2-6-8, 2nd Team All-CC; Cecily Docktor, So, A, 32-6-38; Cara Pascarella, Sr, M, 6-2-8; Madison Schutz, So, D, 0-1-1; Autumn Spence, Jr, D, 0-2-2; Caitlin Donovan, So, M, 1-0-1; Madeline Mullen, Sr, GK, 10.27 GAA, 48.0 SV%; Rachel Shaw, Jr, 7-0-7; Haylee Solomon, Sr, GK, 7.73 GAA 54.5 SV%; Madison Acra, Jr, M, 12-6-18. 
Key Losses: Carley Kendall, A, 39-10-49; Rachel Kurtz, D, 2-0-2; Alli Dudley, 25-22-47, HM All-CC.
Top Newcomers: Lauren Resh, A, Nazareth, Pa./Nazareth Area; Melissa Donato, M, West Chester, Pa./Reed Henderson; Aubrey Robinson, M, Kennett Square, Pa./Kennett.

Outlook: Washington College returns the majority of their starting lineup from last season and should be well positioned to make another run at the title in 2017. Vincent and Docktor return on the attack, while Inserra will lead the defensive efforts. With experienced players in every position, the Shorewomen are team to watch this spring.